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Looks who's sleeping now!

Excellent service. She was very helpful and understanding. She made me feel at ease with the process and was always available for any questions I had. As a new mom who was hesitant to sleep train, I am extremely glad I did it and Catherine was a major part in this journey. My 10 month old was sleeping through the night within just a few days of the sleep training. Would definitely recommend!!

- Melanie

“Thanks so much for all the help! We are so impressed with the improvement.  We went from a little boy who refused to sleep to one who falls asleep in 10 minutes and only wakes up in the morning! Our quality of life has increased significantly and the days are so much more pleasant now because we no longer anticipate naps and bedtime!!”

- Dominique

“We really liked working with you and I won't hesitate to recommend you to a friend. You understood our needs and you created a perfect sleep plan according to the needs of our child and us as well. We were really scared to begin this process because we have had tried a different technique that didn't worked and traumatize us and our baby. You were able to help us overcome our fear and to begin the sleep plan. Now we are so happy that we followed the sleep plan and listened to you, to have had hired you because you accompanied us during this whole process and difficult time. Now, our baby is sleeping through the night; something that I would have never believed would have happened one day! I can now rest and have some beauty sleep! Thank you so much for your services and your professionalism.”

- Caroline and Philippe

“Catherine's program helped us get our baby to sleep through the night and nap better within 2 weeks! She was very responsive to our numerous questions and I would recommend her services to every parent who wants more sleep!”

- Nick and Carolyn

“Catherine is simply the best!!! My son was 9 months when we started to work with Catherine. He was only sleeping 2 hours at a time at night and was being held for his naps. We had to bounce him to sleep all night long and he was up at 4 am for the day. I was averaging 2 hours of sleep total per night and it was also waking up our toddler. He had suffered from colic and reflux and although he was less in pain his sleeping habits were getting worst. The entire family was sleep deprived and we were miserable. I was so hesitant to sleep train, however as soon as I heard Catherine's voice I was reassured. After a few days working with Catherine we saw a huge difference already. We were no longer spending hours trying to bounce our son to sleep and were able to live again. Catherine is very empathic and was always there when we needed her. Working with her changed our family for the best and I will forever be grateful. Thank you Catherine!!!!”

- E.L.

Not sure what best suits your child’s needs? 


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