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Are you wondering what it’s like to have a good night of sleep?


In order for my sleep solutions to work, there’s no need for in-person meetings. Everything can be done over the phone, on Skype, by emails, etc. 

Due to these unprecedented times, sleep is more important than ever before. Sleep helps fight off viruses, reduces stress and puts everyone in a better mood. Let’s find the right sleep solution for you!


Hi, I'm Catherine Gallant,
Certified Sleep Consultant

I’m Catherine Gallant, a Certified Sleep Sense™  Consultant based in Moncton, specializing in providing sleep solutions for infants, toddlers and young children. My true passion is helping families adopt healthy sleeping habits, thanks to my tried and successful programs. Together, we will create a customized sleep plan for your child and I will be supporting you through every step of the way.


Everyone should be able to sleep like a baby. Let me help you get the best night of sleep! 


Get your free 15-minute sleep consultation!

“Catherine's program helped us get our baby to sleep through the night and nap better within 2 weeks! She was very responsive to our numerous questions and I would recommend her services to every parent who wants more sleep!”

- Nick and Carolyn

Not sure what best suits your child’s needs? 


Do you need a bit of guidance to choose the right sleep package for you and your child? Book your FREE 15-minute consultation call with me so I can better help you!  

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